The INDIAM company was founded in 1994 by the current managing director Ralf Schmid. In 2005 the INDIAM company became Indiam Diamond Tools Ltd.

Mr. Schmid has been in the diamond tools business for several years and has acquired extensive technical and sales knowledge, this being able to offer over 20 years of experience to our customers.

The INDIAM Diamond Tools Ltd. is one of the leading suppliers of diamond tools in the construction industry (cutting, grinding and drilling tools) for professional use.

Especially for dealers, we offer a wide range of individual laser marked diamond cutting discs with any given company logo, as well as the desired color.

A large part of our deliveries will be delivered directly on behalf of our dealers to the consumer. The prerequisite for this service is a high level of confidence which we meet with 100% loyalty.

A direct business contact with these customers is taboo for us.

This project is supported mainly by longtime collaborators in-company and in field service. They form the basis for the quality, commitment, and reliability. Our customers appreciate the simple and rapid approach in delivery, service and faster processing. Most products are always in stock. We also deliver special tools quickly.

Your INDIAM Team